Friday, October 22, 2010

Spring Baby

We’re having a spring baby! Both of our daughters were born in November and last Christmas we experienced a miscarriage – so we’re really excited to welcome a spring baby into our family. We recognize and enjoy the connection to the season of new, blooming life.

I haven’t yet written much about the loss of our baby last Christmas. It is something I hope to do in the future as the story is just beyond beautiful.

I love the Christmas season dearly and count down the months every year. Last year was a difficult year with Joseph’s surgery and to celebrate making it through a hard year; we booked a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday, which is Christmas week. While on vacation I had a miscarriage. We were devastated, and my birthday and Christmas were a blur. I just wanted to get through.

Before I go into all the pregnancy talk, I want to address a beautiful community of women I have gotten to know through the wonderful blogging world. After the holiday season last year, I came across a group of Christian bloggers who struggle with the cross of infertility and/or loss. They are inspiring. They support and pray for each other. Some of these women are still not holding babies after many years of marriage and many losses. I truly believe God gives the cross of infertility to the strongest women among us, because I have never met such inspiring women. Although I do not share their cross, I have so enjoyed getting to know them and have been offering up all my pregnancy discomforts for them. If reading about another new pregnancy is hurtful to any of you, please feel free to stop reading now, and know I continue to pray for when you too will hold a baby in your arms.

I found this pregnancy question sheet on a few blogs and thought it was cute!

How did you find out about the baby to be?
It was awesome! I found out on our anniversary and surprised Joseph by writing the news in his card! We are due Mother’s Day Weekend which is also the anniversary of the day we got engaged!

How far along are you?
Today was my 12 week appointment! I did have an ultrasound at 8 weeks to confirm and see a heartbeat. At that point we told our families (and I may have slipped to a few friends). We have never waited until the second trimester to tell before and man, it has been sooo hard!

How are you feeling?
Umm. Not the best. But, I think I am turning the corner and I’m thankful for the symptoms as they reassure me that baby is still in there.

How much weight have you gained?
I’ve lost 15 lbs. I know, yikes. I got in a bit of trouble at the doctor today. BUT, I sleep so darn much and just can’t bring myself to eat. Even water makes me sick. I have to say, I am not too worried. I have plenty of weight. Not that I want to be feeling this icky, but I think it is a blessing, I really can’t gain too much and losing so much in the beginning sure does help!

Food Cravings?
No craving, but I have an aversion to some of my favorite foods and it makes me sad. I could LIVE off popcorn normally, but now the thought of it – ick!

Ummm, I’m 50/50. With both my girls I really thought it was a girl. This time I am 50/50. I don’t really care at all. But, this time we are going to find out! We have never done that and I am so excited! We are due the week Joseph is set to graduate which means he has a master’s thesis to write while this baby grows. So, this time we want to know. I’m so excited to know that I’ve even looked at that gender prediction kit at Walgreens. I confessed to Joseph and he was semi on board until I told him it is about $30. Then he said no. Can’t make any promises if I am out shopping by myself though! Not sure if we will share the sex of the baby or not.

Oh yes! Being pregnant after a loss is really stressful and I am trying not to allow that worry to take me over. I asked for my progesterone to be tested right away and it was low. I had to beg my doctor to put me on the progesterone pill (she does not believe in progesterone therapy and I can’t find a doctor around here who does). She also does not believe in monitoring the progesterone so she put me on it for the first trimester and won’t order a blood draw. It stresses me out, but I have done all I can do. Please don’t leave me any scary comments.
Going from 2 to 3 children also really scares me. But, in a good way.

Joseph and I always take a picture together upon learning of another new soul in our family. Please excuse his half dressed attire. He didn't know what he was coming home to :)

We have had a boy’s name picked out since before we were married – so we are still sitting on that. Girl names are hard when you are on number 3! I don’t know if we will tell until the birth, but so far these are the names we like:
Monica (her feast day is our wedding day and the day we found out about this baby)
Rebeca (if we call her Becca it would fit with our other 2 girls, Tessa and Anna)
Elizabeth (my middle name and my mom’s name - with one of the following nicknames: Ellie, Ella, Lizzy)

We’re so excited. I’m still really worried about baby, who Tessa is adamant we name String. So, any prayers or positive thoughts you could send our way would be much appreciated. I haven’t let myself get excited yet, but now that our news is out I am starting to feel like we are having a baby! It is a wonderful feeling, but I’ve been trying to protect myself and prepare for the worst. I just can’t keep doing that. So, prayers, please!


Elysabeth said...

Call me crazy but I had a feeling you were pregnant!!! I am so happy for you!! Happy thoughts and prayers for a healthy and easy pregnancy.

My mom also lost weight when she was pregnant with my sister, because she was so sick.

iRejoice said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

When my sister was pregnant with my niece she only gained a very minimal amount of weight throughout the whole pregnancy--my niece was born completely healthy.

Have a blissful second trimester!

Sarah said...

Congrats!! Wonderful news!

I'll add you to my prayer list and I hope that you are soon given peace as you continue through your pregnancy.

I can certainly identify with your concerns and worry. It took me some time to settle into this pregnancy since we had wanted it so bad for so long. Now, at 24 weeks that all seems a distant memory and we've fully embraced this blessing that we are being given. May God continue to provide for you and keep both you and baby healthy.

Second Chances said...

How wonderful! We'll keep you in prayer as you progress. Congrats!!!

Amazing Life said...

YAH!!!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family! I have been praying diligently ;)

The prayers will continue. We thought about Eliziabeth for a girl too with the shortened version Ella in mind!

Enjoy the miracles that abound!

Kelley said...

What excitement! I love, love, love pregnancy... especially when it's shared with excited little ones who anticipate a little sibling right alongside you! I'll be praying for a the sickness to taper off and for the next few months to be filled with SO much joy!

Brit said...

Congratulations!! We will be praying for you!

Brit said...

Congratulations! We will be praying for you!

Christina said...

Dear Holly, congratulations again and I am praying for you and baby every day. I love the "conception" picture; the look on your face is priceless! See you soon!

Kim said...

So excited for you!!! Thanks for sharing the little exciting details that make this even more fun! I thought also I was going to be due the week Andy graduates in May... wouldn't that have been fun?! But alas, that was not in His plans for us!

Colleen said...

CONGRATS!!!! I am new to your blog, and am so excited for this joyful post!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Holly, it was so fun to read this post! I'm so excited for you. Our baby that followed miscarriage was a May baby too, and it was so nice. My friend, her godmother, brought over purple irises from her garden. I will never forget that. It's a wonderful time to be born! I will be praying for you all. XXOO, Roxane

Christine said...

Congratulations! I hope and pray that you have a safe pregnancy and are feeling better soon.

I just hopped on over to your blog after you left a comment on mine a few weeks ago. Looks like you have a lot to be grateful for.

Good luck transitioning to number 3. That was my toughest! I had no problem going from 3 to 4. But 2 to 3 was rough because my oldest was only 3 1/2 when I had the third and the baby had colic. It does get easier as they get older though.

I will pray for you and your family. Best wishes!