Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can’t Seem to Catch that Nesting Bug!

At 34 weeks pregnant I am now officially the biggest I have ever been in my life. I’m not ashamed of my giant classification. In both my previous pregnancies I have just kind of looked bigger. I never had that “basketball belly” and was really envious of women who were all belly.

Let me tell you, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Sometimes it’s soggy, and muddy, and difficult to walk in. I do have myself a basketball. I am all belly, lots and lots of belly. I can’t bend or see my feet. I “let” my 3 year old “help” me make dinner tonight because she thinks its fun to bend down and get the pots and pans out of the cupboards.

As I hopped up onto the scale at the doctor’s office this week the nice med tech lady put the little marker on the 150 lbs notch! Let me tell you, her finger couldn’t slide that thing allll the way to the other end fast enough! I laughed out loud at her.

“Umm, thanks, but you can go right ahead and switch that up to the 200 notch down there” I said.

She didn’t respond. Must be protocol.

She does have my chart in her hand, right? I thought to myself.

I spent my entire appointment wondering if medical professionals have a whole day of class in their programs about NOT offending women on the scale. Because really, there is no way any person in their right mind would take a look at me and put that notch on 150. I’m still laughing. Not only am I huge, but I am also 5’9. That lady was insane, or blind.

The whole thing reminded me of the time my husband had to be given a “mesh shirt” to wear. He was having a 24 test done on his heart and the mesh shirt was supposed to hold the wires and leads hooked up to his chest in place.

This mesh shirt was one size fits all -at the children’s hospital - he’s 6’6.

“Don’t worry, it’ll stretch,” the lady hooking him up to the test said.

The mesh tank top was a neon green sports bra on his broad frame. He looked like a cross dresser on his way to a rave.

Up until recently we have been thinking we may move before baby makes her grand entrance. Now that we know we will be living in our current location when she arrives, I need to get down to business. This week’s events on the scale and the need to enlist a 3 year old as my sous chef have me thinking I’m running out of time. For crying out loud, we made dinner on the floor tonight so mama could rest. We were boiling raviolis. I had to sit and rest in the middle of putting water into a pot and dumping in raviolis. I turned it into a counting game for Tessa because I’m a mama, and we need to turn our lazy moments into educational activities for our children to get through the day.

I better get going before I become immobile. This basketball belly is so large there is impending danger that being upright may just cause me to topple right over. There are young ones underfoot here, I can’t be toppling over. Not when my house is this messy. Someone could be injured.

There is one problem. I just haven’t gotten that nesting bug. I’ve been bitten by it before. It makes a woman a crazy cleaning machine. The only time in my life I have ever cleaned behind an appliance has been while pregnant. I don’t naturally think of those things. I’m a pile maker and a pick up so I can redecorate or rearrange the furniture kind of gal. I need to be bitten by the nesting bug, and fast.

All the baby clothes are still packed in bins in our garage and we haven’t even thought about if we will be setting up the crib or the pack and play in our bedroom. I did order a new bouncy seat offline. It came 2 weeks ago. The huge box it came in sat in our living room and served as Tessa and Anna’s “bus” until just the other day when my husband took it out with the recycling. As for the bouncy seat, I opened the box. It’s now sitting in our bedroom unassembled.

I thought I had maybe been bitten by the nesting bug this afternoon. But, now here I sit. “Cleaning” out my stack of magazines in the lay Z boy and watching Grey’s Anatomy. I am clipping the coupons and tearing out yummy looking recipes. And, I will collect the magazines into a bag when I am done and ask my husband to take them to recycling after we all trip over the pile for a few days. So, it counts. Right?

**Prayer Bubby: Wow! I really need you! Thanks for all your prayers and PLEASE keep them coming. Lots of big things to be thinking and praying about over here right now. Hoping to post about some of them soon, but for now, thank you and please don't stop!**

My Sous Chef


Krissy A. said...

Yes! I love it! ;) The whole thing. I have a similar story about the scale thing--Fabiola tried to remember my weight to write it down on the chart when we got to the room. She said a ridiculous number and I laughed out loud, like really loud (you know the laugh). I told her to add fifty pounds, but I admit, I felt better about myself the rest of the day!!! :)

Soooo cute that Tessa is your sous chef! :) And maybe no nesting bug is your body's way of letting you REST! Hooray for resting. If only we could get our kitchens to clean themselves....


Emily said...

I love you Holly because you take a million things in stride. Can't wait for baby 3!

Debi said...

Holly, you have a very natural gift for communicating daily life! I have been there with the scale thing too. At least your 5'9"..I'm only 5'2"..if I stand up straighter than straight! I'm praying for you and your little blessing.

Second Chances said...

Your posts always make me laugh! You're too cute.

I have the same scale problem, except that it's always assumed I'm much lighter because I'm short. But nope! I try to take it as flattery that that notch isn't even close!

Your Tessa is such a beautiful girl! Good luck getting everything ready! Put those little ones to work!

Kara said...

Hang in there momma! Feeling huge sucks, but it will pass. Hopefully the nesting bug will hit you soon.

Lisa G. said...

HAAAAAA!!! "He looked like a cross dresser on his way to a rave" HAAAHAHAHAA!! So funny! I had a terrible picture in my head, and I'm sure your husband felt so silly!

I wasn't able to nest with my son b/c we moved when I was 8.5 months pregnant. By the time we moved into our house, I was too big to do anything! Just remember that the energy returns after you deliver! You will love your new freedom from the huge belly and you can look through boxes then. Babies only need some blankets and onsies, diapers and a strong set of arms. You'll be golden!!

Amberly Boerschinger said...

I'm not even pregnant and I sat on the couch and clipped coupons and ripped out recipes this afternoon. :) I had to laugh out loud when I read that as I was doing that!!!!!!

Sew said...

Hilarious!!!!!! Dying laughing!!!! I get big all over too!!! Hahaha I used to hate it when my dr wkd say weight gains is fine! You are beautiful sew! Really doc 70 pounds in 35 weeks??!!! Building gods kingdom one pound at a time or in our case--several !! Haha

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Holly, I love how you can laugh at yourself while still expressing both joy and pain. The end of my pregnancies was a very difficult time for me. I remember feeling helpless to control much of what was around me, not being able to pick up the house, do dishes, bend over, tie or zip my shoes, do anything easily. I'm not surprised the nesting instinct hasn't kicked in. How could you zip around the house in that state. We sacrifice our bodies for these sweet souls who enter our lives. And it's harder to see this when you're in the pregnant state but you are in the middle of a miracle, and the miracle is in your middle -- no wonder it's so big. :)

Sew said...

Well I will totally name your baby!!! Bridgette faustina. I want faustina as a first name but it aint happening. So hopefully I can talk dh iinto that name. ;)

I watch all the housewives and love them!!!!! Haha! I've been trying to add to my blogroll but haven't been able too lately...

Anyway I wanted to say I enjoy your comments and u totally get me!!! ;)

I also really lovevthe comment above being in the middle of a miracle !! She is so right about not being able to c it while ur in it ... I'm on myvphone that's why this comment is jacked up! ;)

Katie said...

Just enjoy your time and rest! MIss you!!! Tell the baby we can't wait to meet her!

Kim said...

Oh Holly, you're great... what a great post! Cut yourself some slack. You and Joseph are going through a lot right now. You've got a lot on your mind and a lot on your plate. What needs to get done will get done. Babies don't need a bouncer, especially right away. A pack and play takes no time to set up. And babies only need easy clothes... sleepers, diapers... And you'll probably get a couple new things for he even while you're in the hospital. It'll work out. When you can't bend over to pick up the box, don't stress over its not being taken out... especially if the girls are doing something fun with it. And the nice thing about having a small place... it doesn't take as much time to clean as a larger home when you are able to get to it.

Kim said...

You're doing what's most important... taking care of you and your family

Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Honestly, I didn't get much of a nesting bug this time around either. By the last month or so, I was just so big and my back so sensitive, "I don't want to move" became my motto. De-cluttering my email in-box counts as nesting, right?

I'm only 5'4" but after 4 pregnancies I was topping 200 myself and dieting is definitely on my to-do list. I love my doctors, but I had to laugh when he came up behind me while I was being weighed and said, "115 right?" I just laughed and said, "Yeah, right. 6 years and 4 pregnancies ago!"

Hang in there! Soon. Soon.