Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy Time!

Remember that person you were, years ago? Before the Catholic knight in shinning armor, and before your union was blessed by the little miracles with tiny feet and full diapers? I hope you remember, because I had briefly forgotten. That person was young, hopeful, slightly misguided, and full of dreams too numerous to fill the many years she prayed would come.
This weekend, I have been reminded that although that young college girl made some mistakes and had no idea what to base her life on—she was always a special piece of God’s love! That’s right, it’s college gal pal reunion weekend! No husbands, no children, just old friends and new fun times!

We came with high hopes. Catching the train into Chicago and spending the day at Navy Pier, followed by some shopping on Michigan Avenue, was the name of the pipe dream. After an hour of going the wrong way, singing and laughing, we arrived at the train station just in time to watch the train roll on by us. We laughed like school girls and, although our post baby bellies may have jiggled a bit more than they did when we shared our laughs in dorm rooms, it felt oh so good!
We decided the truth of the matter was that we all just needed some time together and a little break from the everyday tasks of taking care of those we love—so we could remember why we love them so very much. This took about 10 minutes for me. I think God made mommies this way to help remind us to see His face, along with ours, in the eyes and messy faces of our little ones.

We split our time between the mall and the hotel hot-tub. I ever bought a few things for myself! My two VERY generous friends got sick of watching be struggle with spending money on myself to get a pedicure and decided to treat to me. Oh how thankful I am for great friends who remind me I need a little pampering now and then, and then letting me keep my mommy neurosis—and get my toes done as well!

Our toes! I had a hard time letting someone pamper me--but I thought if I spent some of my pampering time praying for the person doing the pampering--then it was ok!

I’m truly thankful I’m not the young gal I was in college. I’m also thankful to be blessed with these woman who still enjoy me, even though I’ve changed so much. I still enjoy them as well. We don’t believe in the same things, live our lives the same way, or always understand the decisions made by each individual, but we were given to each other long ago—when we really needed one another, and in a way, we still need each other today. We challenge each other, laugh together and never judge one another when a zipper doesn’t zip—we just head off to grab the next size up, handing it over without actually saying the number out loud. What more can you really ask for in a friendship? As we wind down tonight, one hand on the wine cooler and the other on the laptop, I feel so blessed to have shared this time with these beautiful woman, and so blessed to be able to wake up in the morning and return to my amazing family, and go to Mass together as a family. God bless the evening Mass!!

One of the faces I'm missing this weekend! Anna Clare 5 months (this was taken the day I left)

Celebrate the woman in your life today! The ones we share our faith with, the ones we laugh with and the ones who help us grow into better woman! I'll be sure to say a special prayer of thanksgiving, asking the ultimate mother to join with me, at Mass this week! God bless you all, and thank YOU for being in my life!


Searching for Hope in a World of Chaos said...

I had a blast to sweetie and remember Jesus loves you!

Kelley said...

Ah... this makes me smile. Seems like your posts do that more often than not!

I took a Chicago trip just before last Christmas with my girlfriends from HS. It is SO nice to be able to carry on like the spirited young girls we were, and it's nice to have a reminder that we still have that spirit though it's hopefully wiser now! Glad your trip was rejuvenating!

Lady Malai said...

It was nice seeing you girls on Friday night and just talking and catching up. I, too, feel very blessed to have you all in my life. I wish we could get together more often than we do.