Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank You DADDY on this Mother's Day!

A thank you to my husband,

I owe you a big “thank you,” husband of mine! These past five days have been so stressful, wonderful and busy, busy, busy! Being away from home is always difficult. It becomes even more difficult when it includes two baby girls and an indefinable period of time. When we are away, you are just as your patron St. Joseph. You look over your universal Church, our little family, by making the best decisions you are able to, all while staying obedient to the principals we have built this family on, and our Lord. You do it all without complaining. When your eyes had melted into mere slits this afternoon, exhaustion closing in on them with the pressure of a vice-press, you didn’t say a word. When I sent you to bed for a much deserved nap, you wanted reassurance I would be ok taking care of the girls.

You treat my family as if they have been yours your whole life, putting their best interest ahead of your own. When we visit, you take over the care of the girls so that I may play and spend time with those I don’t see often enough. You do all these things without being asked.

I am so thankful to you on this mother’s day. You have allowed me to full-fill my spiritual call to motherhood! Thank you, I love you and I will so miss you while we are apart this week! Oh, and make sure to work on that “honey do” list, please!

This is my AMAZING hubby who went to work (without being asked) while my dad is sick. Tessa had so much fun watching, and even turned the chair over so she could "mooowwww" just like Daddy!

Happy and blessed Mother’s day (a tad late) to all those who answer the spiritual call to nurturing in this world. You are an instrument of our Lord, and I pray you have an amazing man in your life who has made it possible. I sure do.

A big thanks to all of you who have been praying for us as we have spent our time at Mayo this week. A few more appointments this week (daddy has to leave us and go back to work) and then we will be home!
Please pray my plants are still alive! Oh how hard we worked on getting them to grow! If they are alive, say a extra little prayer my amazing hubby remembers to KEEP them alive while he is home and we are away.....


Krissy A. said...

Beautiful...Kudos to Joseph...We like him a lot too! ;)

Kaycee said...

Your husband is great, but I can't get over Tessa's chubby little legs in that pic. Adorable!

edawson said...

Thanks for being such a positive force in my universe Holly! I hope your dad and your plants are okay. And I think all Josephs are great!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Holly, just wanted you to know I'm adding you to my blog list on Peace Garden Mama. I'm glad to have you along!