Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Updates on Life, Love and Writing!

Although it was not my intention to give up blogging for the Lenten season, the act of drawing inward for reflection and prayer pushed my blog to the back burner.

The Spirit of discernment is back in full swing in the Rutchik home and really, what's new?! We love the transition we've made to a smaller town and slower pace of life. It is now time to discern some bigger life issues such as careers, family size and schooling for the girls, just to name a few! It's a good place to be, but boy are we tired!

Although I was absent on the blog, there are still a few things I need to document from this season in our lives. Since my first vocation is to wife and mama, and this blog helps me document this vocation, I apologize to my regular readers if I fill up your news feeds with family updates and adventures this week.

My first update: I recently received my contributor's copy of A Cup of Comfort for Fathers. My story, Even as He Gives his Daughter's Hand, can be found on page 251.

The arrival of this book was much anticipated in the Rutchik homes as it is the first (of what I hope to be many) time I have been published in book form.

I was sitting in a T-shirt, on the phone with my friend, Krissy, when Mr. UPS rang the doorbell. I shouted for my husband to answer the door as I bolted into the bedroom.

"Shoot! Get the door, babe! you have to get it, I'm not wearing any pants!" I yelled.

I'm humbling myself enough to share that yes, sometimes I sit on my sofa in my nightshirt while talking on the phone in the mornings. I feel the need to share because I have often given a not- so-nice look to those who tell me I am so lucky to work from home, writing all day while wearing my pajamas. Clearly, this is not an option as sometimes the outside world comes right up to your front door.

Note to self/stay at home moms/work at home moms/writers: ALWAYS WEAR PANTS!

Lucky for me, my husband was home to answer the door and on the other line of my phone conversation was my best friend. She enjoyed the fact that I wasn't wearing pants and didn't judge me for screaming that fact into the phone in the middle of a conversation!


Elysabeth said...

Congrats!!! I am so proud of you!

Molly M. said...

Congratulations, Holly! I think it's a great achievement. I hope I can read your story one day!

jessica said...

Welcome back!! I missed you! Congratulations on having your work published!! Now I have to go find that book so I can read it. :)

Good advice about the pants too! Always good to have pants on - or at least near by in case you need to grab them quickly. ;)

Katie said...

Love the no-pants honesty! Congrats on the arrival of the book with your contribution! Love to you all!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Holly, this is hilarious, and so exciting. I'm rooting for you wildly from North Dakota. And praying for you, too, regarding all the big events coming up in your life! Have a wonderful weekend. Roxane

Kelley said...

Yahoo! So excited for you! Now you just need a new shelf or shadow box to display this milestone! Congrats!

prashant said...

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