Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Days the Rules are Different

Children need schedules and structure. So say the experts who have time to get their doctorates in child rearing or pop psychology and you know, sit down and write a book.

I bet those people don’t have kids. Or have one, and a live in nanny. They don't have their 3rd daughter in 3 years on the way.

Look, I KNOW kids need to know what to expect. They need to know certain behaviors have direct consequences. I believe this, we parent this way. Almost every day.

some days the rules are different. Because some days the rent needs to be paid. Today is one of those days. Mama and daddy are both working from home today.

The girls are dressed, sort of. Their hair has not been combed and the afternoon snack was indeed rice crispy bars. Said bars were handed out while mama was really busy with an important e-mail. 15 minutes later I retreated to the bedroom to sit on the bed (which has dried pee on it from a three year old’s naptime accident) to make an important phone call. When I came out the girls were once again eating rice crispy bars for a snack.

“I just gave them a snack,” I said to my husband.

“Oh sorry,” he said.

Daddy was busy. He was working on an important e-mail and needed the gals to have a snack. It seems he has the same tricks I do.

So we can’t live like this every day. But, some days the rules are different. Pretzels, yogurt and left over pancakes just have to count as lunch some days.

Locking the girls in their room to play the game “you can knock on the door to be let out after every book and toy has been picked up and put away” must count as the afternoon activity once in a while.

Who’s with me?


Second Chances said...

Hilarious picture! Yes, some days the rules are different. And that's ok. Parenting is not always a perfect, by the book method, right?

Kelley said...

Ah... we have those days! As a matter of fact, three snow days in a row is making for one of those days right now! SO glad you're doing well amidst the craziness of parenting/pregnancy/life!

Krissy A. said...

Love this!!!

Katie said...

pretzels, yogurt, & pancakes - what's wrong with that?? :-)

Kara said...

Haha, I totally agree. Some days you just need mental health days, too. It happens. And all rules and structure goes out the window. My kids are happy and healthy, so obviously it's fine ;)

I responded to your name question on my blog. I wanted to add that if this is a girl we are naming her Charlotte Elise. I left it out of the post because I don't want family to see it, because I don't want their comments on the name :p

Kim said...

Nothing wrong with that! Besides, kids need to learn flexibility, right?

Lisa G. said...

AAA-MEN!!! We do left-over pancakes and a string cheese over here.

When my husband works evenings with the youth group, that's baked french fry night. And that's all we eat...

Love that picture too :)

iRejoice said...

Re: baby girl names
I have unconventional taste when it comes to names, so that would explain why I was stuck on the name Theodora. It sounded really good with our last name, plus it can be shortened to Dora which I also liked. I also liked Aurora, which could be shortened to Rory, which I think is really cute.

Hmmm...sorry, I just woke up and my brain is failing me! If I think of any more I'll let you know:)