Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Lion's Den

The Lion’s Den

My alarm will go off at 4:30am tomorrow, July 1st. We will rise before the sun and head out the door, ready to take on the day we are given.

At 5:00am we will check Joseph into the hospital and then I will begin my long day of waiting and praying in the Family Center and the Chapel.

At 8:00am Joseph’s heart surgery is scheduled to begin.

These are the only plans I have in life right now—and they begin in just a few hours.

It is a strange feeling, to really not know what is going to happen in you life a day from now. But, really, maybe we should all be living like this, everyday.

Regardless, I pray when my alarm goes off in just mere hours-I will be waking up to a day filled with hope.

Please pray for us tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.



Kelley said...

You and yours have been on my mind and in my prayers constantly since you first posted about this. My prayers will be working double time tonight and tomorrow.

Deep breaths, baby steps, and celebrate ALL the little victories along the way- even if it's just that you made it through 10 minutes without loosing it.

God has blessed you with incredible strength that is needed in the vocation of marriage. You can do this!

Searching for Hope in a World of Chaos said...

Praying for you, Joseph, Tessa, and Anna that the surgery is sucessful and his recovery is smooth.

Trena said...

You are in my prayers today!

Lady Malai said...

You've got my prayers, dear. I've been praying all day for you. I hope the surgery goes well.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Holly, we are all awaiting news. Thinking about what you are going through brought tears of concern to my eyes. The world has stopped. It takes something big for that to happen. Here's hoping it can began moving forward again very soon. On a positive note from here, there's been some hopeful news regarding the prayer request I shared. I wanted to allow that little glimmer to spread over to you a bit. I hope it will. Peace...XXXOOO