Sunday, April 26, 2009

After the Rain....

It was a rainy weekend here in Wisconsin. Social pleasantries exchanged between strangers have for the most part, started to share the common theme of...I'm so sick of this.......where is spring......why do we live here.....???

I actually love the rain. When asked about my favorite season, "thunderstorm" is often my reply. My husband attended a conference for work on Saturday and in fulfillment of the promise I made myself, I decided to plant our kitchen herb garden! There was something so beautifully therapeutic about planting new seeds as the rain pelted outside our window. I felt like I was participating in more than one cycle of the seasons at the same time; as if I was being just a bit naughty, cheating mother nature! Of course, I don’t actually believe in “mother nature”….or mother anything, outside the one true mother, Mary. But still, the whole thing was exhilarating.

For the most part, I have a black thumb. Growing plants and flowers is one of those talents I long for. But, I do continue to try, every year, and have not given up hope that this will be the year everything I plant takes off, shooting to the ski likes Jack’s beanstalk. So, who best to share hope and dirt with than my two beautiful little weeds; Tessa and Anna.
Par for the course, Anna Clare was amused to be part of the action and cooed and barfed through the whole process.

And then there is my first born. I have come to understand that all little ones go through a phase of putting everything in their months. I understand this, it’s like another exploring tool for them. But Teresa really likes to take things to the next level. She continues to put everything in her month at 17 months and, she seems to enjoy the taste of everything. This leads me to believe one of two things must be true about my little gal.
1. Her taste buds are not functioning and she is tasting nothing, or
2. She has a highly developed palette and is going to be a Top Chef!

Seeing as she loves cookies sooooo very much, and we watch a lot of Food Network around here, I going to go with the latter and move on with life.

In her defense, there is something so organic about digging into a pile of dirt. It’s cool and soothing as it runs through your hands - and yet there’s thousands of tiny different textures to tickle every place on my body it ends up covering, and the inside of my nose. That being said, THIS is a bit much:

In the end we have a fun memory of rainy days spent together, giggling as girls, and the hope of new growth on the seasonal teacart in the living room! Not too bad for a rainy day.

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Krissy said...

SO funny. I love your picture stories of your adventures. :)