Thursday, April 30, 2009

We had a wonderful appointment this week at Children’s Hospital. Obviously, the big news for the day is that, for now, things are good and we can move forward with getting Anna’s ear fixed. Also, our specialist and his assistant suggested genetic testing and once we gave them the go ahead, they were out of the gate running! By the time we left we had been given a signed letter to our insurance company telling them exactly what needed to be tested and what medical tests our kids would have to have, yearly, if they did not approve the genetic. We were also given instructions to call as soon as we got approval and they would set up the whole thing for us. It was really helpful and I feel so blessed to have such amazing medical care for my family.

We are saving for a town home. This is something that is a far off dream, but a dream non the less. Now that we have this plan of action, I know we will be staying put where we are currently living for some time. This makes me want to redecorate! The whole things is really funny because I don’t want to dig out some old stuff from the closet and change around some wall hangings—I want to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, for furniture and rugs and so on. Of course, I won’t go on a spending spree, but I make myself laugh.

. I’m praying for motivation. I have some writing contests I really want to enter. I have 10 personal essays half started. But, between the kids, work, and my newfound love for everything blog—I haven’t been writing much outside of blogs and articles for work.

Ok, I have another confession to make; on Thursday Anna was fussing all day and I was so very tired. In a moment of weakness, I called my husband at work to complain about how I can’t take her constant crying and never sleeping anymore. I told him I needed him to get home right after work. Well, our connection was kind of bad and I sounded so upset, he thought I asked him to come home, as in right now. I was so surprised when he showed up an hour early from work. Opps! I felt really badly. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a wonderful man who doesn’t get angry with me for being an over-emotional mess every so often. We chalked it up to a miscommunication and moved on with life… hour early.

The events of Thursday have me thinking I need to plan a little more time for myself. Maybe I will plan some mommy writing time into our week and kill two birds with one stone!
Tessa sang a song today for the first time. She couldn’t remember the words, but I knew exactly what song she was singing because she was actually singing a melody, and dancing to the correct beat! It was amazing and I will treasure it forever. On a selfish note, I was making a lasagna in the kitchen when she came up to me, pulled on my leg, and sang me her little song. This is a selfish note because, from now on, this story will guest star mommy as the wonderful housewife and mommy who makes lasagnas! Thanks goodness it wasn’t pizza night, because we have those too….and somewhat often. SHHHHH!

Some beautiful women, some I know and some I do not, have posted or e-mailed me some lovely comments on my blog and my writing. To these women, I humbly tip my hat. You have no idea how much this has made me smile, and how it has put a little bit of hope into my heart. Being a mother is the number one job in the world, hands down. In addition to that, I feel blessed and burdened with another call. This blog is part of that discernment for me.

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Kelley said...

First, Praise God for a productive appointment!

Second, your Thursday story is cracking me up. What a sweet guy to come running when he thinks he's needed! There are many days when I have my running shoes and am standing at the door waiting to run away when my hubby gets home! I'm lucky that he's so good about letting me have my kid-free time! Hope you get your writing time soon! I'm an English major, but creative writing was never my forte...

Janice said...

Good news about your appointment. Don't beat yourself up about needing support from your husband, bringing up kids is difficult and wears you out. I think you expect too much of yourself, chill out a little and spend some time enjoying your children, then plan a little time to be on your own and a little time to be with your husband - it's what matters hun.

Trena said...

I completely understand you when it comes to writing. I spend so much time blogging that I can't ever do my real, creative writing. When I do find spare time (what is that anyways?) I am reading other people's blogs instead of writing! LOL. That's life I guess.

This Heavenly Life said...

How bout some of your creative writing on this blog therefore blogging/writing at the same time. We'll give good critique, promise!

And I'm loving that your husband came home early for you. I'm thinking next time I could use some support I'll fake a bad connection...

No. *sigh* That would be wrong. I'll just have to pray for a bad connection so he'll misunderstand and come rescue me.

Thank you for your comments on quick takes today!