Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Week in Pictures

One of my favorite "family nights" is when we go to the mall to eat in the food court and walk around. It is funny I love this family outing so much, as my husband starts to twitch at the thought of anything involving shopping. But, this was a must do--as the Bunny was in the mall.

My mom and I made Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. It was a really nice day. My mom and I haven't really done any baking together since I was little, so it was fun--and they turned out so well.

Playing outside at Grandpa's with the dogs.

Uncle Nick playing piano with Tessa. She LOVES the piano. As a "music person" myself, I don't want to get my hopes up too high...but she does have her daddy's long fingers, and my love for music.....

Off to fly a kite! This was a family event. We always flew kites on Easter Sunday when I was young. This is Uncle Scott walking with Tessa.

The Bunny came while we were out!!

Tessa really wants to eat EVERYTHING. The best part was, she wanted to eat the dye/vinigar mix like soup--and thought it tasted just fine. Wow!


I know, I'm a dork.

Tessa's first walk in the woods. It was so beautiful to witness her exploring things for the first time. We are happy to report, she loved being out in nature.

Daddy's girl!
NOTE: We love Anna just as much as Tessa--she just doesn't get herself into as much trouble--yet. We are sure she will be captured in photo just as much as her big sister.
I know these are late--but it was a glorious Easter week for us and I wanted to share.

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