Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Wind

Spring wind; is there really anything like it? It may be the hint of hope for growth in its smell, or maybe just its noticeably long winter absence, but I feel like it makes the curtains “dance” a bit more than the winds of any other season. I’m currently “watching” the wind wined away the night hours as I keep one eye on the clock, who is ticking away the minutes of my lost sleep.

Tonight’s is not a stormy wind, my favorite, but it’s a wind of the changing season. I’m ready for this wind and welcome it, along with everything it brings, and everything it leaves behind.

I’m thankful to share this wind with Anna tonight, as she breathes along with it. They compose together an un-sing-able song.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Nice reflection Holly. You've brought the wind of spring to life!

Kim said...

You write beautifully Holly!

How do you feel God is calling you to use your talent? Do you feel He has given you a talent for any particular style of writing?

Happy Sunday morning to you!

Kaycee said...

This really is beautifully written.

When I was in junior high school my art teacher would play Ray Bradbury books on tape while we worked. He had a story about the wind on Mars that was really creepy. Now everytime the wind blows at night I think of it and get the chills.

Overactive imagination? Yes.

Anonymous said...

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